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Truth or Dare

As part of his continuing social and political activism, Harry Belafonte is launching Truth or Dare. Comprised of a bi-weekly video blog (Truth) and a direct action call to action (Dare), Truth or Dare aims to use social media and Harry’s own stories to inspire people to take action in their communities. As can be seen with the growing Occupy movements around the world, social media has taken over from the mainstream media as the most important way to reach people and get them excited about issues affecting their lives.

My Journal

A deep rooted history of Harry Belafonte and civil and social rights will be a way for Harry’s personal journal to dovetail with the lives of his community. Harry’s experiences in the world of civil rights and progressive political action will be presented with an opportunity for the community to add to and expand upon Harry’s experiences with their own.

a man whose story should be told for generations to come

A motivational look at an important figure in history who inspired change.

Moving and enlightening

It’s riveting history that inspires you to action, and to sing.