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The New School- The Dramatic Workshop

From The Dramatic Workshop to The New School of Drama
The new school was first called The New School for Social Research, founded by a group of university professors and intellectuals in 1919. It’s purpose was to allow students to “seek unbiased understanding of the existing order, its genesis, growth and present working.”
From 1940 to 1949, the school hosted a new theatre project called the ‘Dramatic Workshop’, which would soon become The New School for Drama. The ‘Dramatic Workshop’ was directed by German emigrant theatre director, Erwin Piscator, and comprised of several famous actors such as Beatrice Arthur, Harry Belafonte, Marlon Brando, Tony Curtis, Ben Gazzara, Michael V. Gazzo, Rod Steiger, Elaine Stritch, Shelley Winters and Tennessee Williams.

Working With Marlon Brando

Food for thought: Why do you think Harry Belafonte decided to attend The New School as opposed to other drama schools in New York City during that time? Do you think it had to do with the school’s social aspect?

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